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Our Coast, Our Future

Coastal resource managers and planners in the San Francisco Bay region can use locally relevant, online maps and tools to explore, visualize, and anticipate vulnerabilities related to sea level rise and storms.

Climate change will increase sea levels, shoreline erosion, and the frequency and intensity of coastal flooding along the California coast and in the San Francisco Bay region. Resource managers and planners in the area need locally relevant maps and tools that help them understand vulnerabilities and plan for action. Our Coast, Our Future uses a collaborative, user-driven approach to provide  users with information that helps them explore, visualize, and anticipate vulnerabilities to sea level rise and storms within San Francisco Bay and along the outer coast, from Half Moon Bay to Bodega Head.

The following products are available on the Our Coast, Our Future website:

  • Seamless Digital Elevation Model (DEM) at 2-meter horizontal resolution for the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Combination of 40 different sea level rise and storm scenarios, plus a King Tide scenario for San Francisco Bay, using the USGS Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS).
  • Extensive FAQ and video tutorials, including general project information, geographic coverage, data used, model development, and how to use the flood map.
  • Interactive flood map, including flood extent, depth, duration, and minimum and maximum flood potential, wave heights, and current velocity, as well as the option to compare scenarios and view georeferenced King Tide photos.
  • Online and downloadable data access tailored to end users information needs.

Our Coast, Our Future is especially useful for the following planning processes:

  • Species protection plans, such as Habitat Conservation Plans.
  • Restoration plans.
  • Natural resource management plans.
  • Municipal plans, such as General Plans, Climate Action Plans, and Local Coastal Plans.
  • Infrastructure (levees, roads, etc.) maintenance plans.
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