Storm Drain

Soak Up the Rain

This public outreach campaign and accompanying website offer individuals, municipalities, and organizations information on using green infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff and improve climate resilience.
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The Soak Up the Rain public outreach campaign was launched to raise awareness about the problem of stormwater runoff and to encourage action by citizens, municipalities, local organizations, and others to reduce polluted runoff.

The campaign promotes green infrastructure practices—such as rain barrels, downspout redirection, rain gardens, tree planting, permeable surfaces, and green roofs—that can help reduce runoff and bring a wide range of community benefits, including reducing water pollution and flooding, increasing groundwater recharge, cooling urban heat islands, and beautifying neighborhoods. Green infrastructure strategies can also help communities build resiliency to climate change.

The campaign's website includes information to help municipalities and local organizations:

  • Learn about the community and watershed benefits of green infrastructure;
  • Access information to advance green infrastructure (including how to fund, design, install, and maintain green infrastructure projects); and
  • Access Soak Up the Rain tools—including ready-to-use and customizable outreach tools—to conduct outreach about stormwater runoff and soaking up the rain.

The website also includes information for homeowners and others to learn about the problems resulting from stormwater runoff and why citizen action is so important, community and watershed benefits from green infrastructure, and ways to find local contacts and information about how to design, install, and maintain green infrastructure projects.

Image Credit: Storm Drain by Robert Lawton (own work), CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons.
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