Screen capture from Southwest Climate Outlook (SWCO)

Southwest Climate Outlook

Each month, water managers, ranchers, farmers, and outdoor enthusiasts in Arizona and New Mexico can read summaries of recent climate and weather conditions and get outlooks for the coming month and season.

The Southwest Climate Outlook (SWCO) summarizes climate and weather information from a range of sources in non-scientific language each month, providing timely information to more than 1,600 people in Arizona, New Mexico, and surrounding areas. The SWCO serves water managers, farmers, ranchers, research scientists, and interested citizens, among others.

Each monthly report summarizes Precipitation and Temperature, Monsoon (in season), Drought & Water Supply, El Niño-La Niña status and potential consequences, Wildfire, and Precipitation & Temperature Forecasts. 

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6 August 2021 - 4:40pm