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Climate Explorer—Visualize Climate Data in Maps and Graphs

Explore climate projections for upcoming decades for any county in the United States.

About the Climate Explorer

The Climate Explorer offers graphs, maps, and data downloads of observed and projected climate variables for every county in the United States. For the contiguous United States, the tool shows projected conditions for two possible futures: one in which humans make a moderate attempt to reduce global emissions of heat-trapping gases, and one in which human emissions of heat-trapping gases continue increasing through 2100. You can learn more about the data displayed in the Climate Explorer in the About the data page within the application.

For the contiguous U.S. and island territories, the tool shows climate projections for temperature, precipitation, and related climate variables for two possible futures—one in which humans make a significant attempt to reduce global emissions of heat-trapping gases (lower emissions), and one in which the rate of global emissions continues rising through 2100 (higher emissions).  For boroughs in Alaska, graphs show projections for a high emissions future from two climate models.

Climate Explorer provides contextualized information for interpreting each of its interactive graphs. Look for the "How to read" buttons to reveal additional information below the graph. Text explanations in the tool's About page as well as the Glossary and FAQs pages can also help people make meaning of the data and envision the conditions projected for the future.

If you're using Climate Explorer for the first time, you may want to visit the tutorial version of the Climate Explorer »

For a description of the most recent updates to the tool, see Updated Climate Explorer now offers projections for the entire United States »

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