Screenshot of the homepage of the CHaMP.

Climate and Hazard Mitigation Planning (CHaMP) Tool

The CHaMP Tool was designed specifically to address the substantive and communications needs of individuals developing hazard mitigation plans as required by FEMA.

CHaMP supports the development of climate-informed infrastructure plans, generally, and Hazard Mitigation Plans, specifically, by providing users with a single point of entry to community- and region-specific historical and projected climate and hazard information. As a mapping tool, it displays climate metrics, hazard data, and hazard impacts in a visual format with downloadable data visualizations. CHaMP is intended to serve as a durable resource for both historic and future climate information. It also is intended to build the capacity of climate-related and hazard mitigation planners to integrate climate information into their existing and future planning efforts, as well as to communicate potential vulnerabilities to their residents and to state and federal authorities responsible for allocating resources for mitigation activities.

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9 May 2022 - 11:23am