Screen capture from the Coastal Resilience Index tool

Coastal Resilience Index

Communities can complete this questionnaire to assess their level of preparedness for extreme events. The exercise helps communities discuss and discover their climate-related vulnerabilities.

The Coastal Resilience Index is a self-assessment tool developed by the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium and NOAA's Coastal Storms Program. To complete the index, community leaders get together and use the tool to guide discussion about their community’s resilience to coastal hazards. The Index provides a simple, inexpensive method for community leaders to perform a self-assessment of their community’s resilience to coastal hazards, identifying weaknesses a community may want to address prior to the next hazard event and guiding community discussion. The Index is not intended for comparison between communities.

The Index uses information that is readily available and asks mainly "yes" or "no" questions. It consists of an eight-page guiding document, and includes six sections (critical facilities and infrastructure, transportation issues, community plans and agreements, mitigation measures, business plans, and social systems). The Index can be completed in less than three hours.

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28 January 2018 - 11:56am