Screen capture from the Flood Resilience Guide

Flood Resilience: A Basic Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Water utility personnel can work through this straightforward guide to document the threat of flooding at their utilities, identify specific vulnerabilities and potential mitigation options, and develop an implementation plan to increase their resilience to flooding.

Small- to medium-sized water utilities can use this guide to help them prepare for flooding. The PDF file provides information, worksheets, and short videos that outline a four-step assessment process that can help any water utility determine their flooding threat and identify practical mitigation options to protect their critical assets.

The four-step assessment process is

  1. Understand the Threat of Flooding
  2. Identify Vulnerable Assets and Determine Consequences
  3. Identify and Evaluate Mitigation Measures
  4. Develop Plan to Implement Mitigation Measures

Examples of practical mitigation steps suggested in the guide include:

  • preparing an emergency response plan
  • placing barriers around key assets
  • bolting down chemical tanks
  • elevating electrical equipment
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23 October 2019 - 12:41pm