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NCA Interactive Atlas

The Atlas is an extension of the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5), providing interactive access to maps and data used in NCA5. The initial release offers maps showing 15 variables of downscaled climate projections at 4 levels of global warming.

The Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5) is the U.S. Government’s preeminent report on climate change impacts, risks, and responses. It is a congressionally mandated interagency effort that provides the scientific foundation to support informed decision-making across the United States.

As NCA5 is a static report of limited length, its authors had to select which maps to include. With the NCA Interactive Atlas, users can access and explore climate data for locations across the United States, even if those data were not explicitly presented in NCA5.

The Atlas also provides insight into key messages of NCA5 in a summary StoryMap, The 5th National Climate Assessment in 15 Maps. Additional maps and stories will be added over the next year. 

For those who want to access climate data for their own analyses, the Atlas site offers access to web services that can support a variety of mapping and analysis workflows.

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10 May 2024 - 12:17pm