Screen capture from the U.S. Hazards Outlook

U.S. Hazards Outlook

This map-based interface is useful for identifying areas that may be impacted by specific hazards, such as extreme heat or cold, heavy rain or snow, flooding, and severe drought.

This online tool presents hazard data in maps and in narrative briefs, integrating National Weather Service medium (3–7 days) and extended (8–14 days) categorical outlooks, as well as probabilistic extended outlooks (8-14 days). Hazards include high winds, significant waves, severe weather, heavy rain, freezing rain, heavy snow, heavy precipitation, above- and below-normal temperatures, excessive heat, flooding, enhanced wildfire risk, and severe drought.

The Hazards Outlooks is updated regularly, and is intended to provide emergency managers, planners, forecasters and the public with advance notice of potential hazards related to climate, weather, and hydrological events.

Map files are available for download as KML or shapefiles, and archived records are available from October 2008.

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