Screen capture from the CREAT website

Climate Resilience Evaluation & Awareness Tool (CREAT)

Owners and operators of drinking water and wastewater utilities can use this web-based tool to assess potential climate change threats and evaluate adaption options at their sites.

CREAT provides registered users with access to the most recent national assessment of climate change impacts and helps utility operators consider how events such as sea level rise, shifting precipitation patterns, temperature changes, and extreme weather may impact their operations. 

Now web-based, CREAT gives utilities a way to evaluate potential impacts to their assets using both traditional risk assessment and scenario-based decision making. The tool also provides data and plots for comparing local historical conditions with downscaled climate model projections for the future. CREAT helps users identify threats based on regional differences in climate change projections and designing adaptation plans based on the types of threats being considered. Following assessment, CREAT provides a series of risk reduction and cost reports that enable the user to evaluate various adaptation options as part of long-term planning.

CREAT also provides monetized risk results, which promotes a common and mutual understanding of climate change impacts. With this powerful information, utility owners and operators can make advancements to curtail the impacts of climate change, particularly by implementing no-regrets adaption options—those that provide benefits regardless of future climate conditions.

Output from CREAT helps utilities organize and communicate the risks from climate impacts and potential gains from adaptation to decision makers, stakeholders, and citizens.

Users are required to register in order to access the web-based tool.

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10 May 2024 - 12:15pm