Screen capture of the ERIT tool

Environmental Resilience Institute Toolkit (ERIT)

This interactive resource helps decision makers create an integrated package of information about climate change tailored specifically to their community and their needs.

This tool—developed by Indiana University's Environmental Resilience Institute—was designed to help local governments in Indiana and beyond effectively deliver services to their communities even as the climate changes. 

Based on U.S. EPA’s ARC-X database, ERIT takes a deep dive on issues that affect the Midwest—including extreme heat, flooding, algal blooms, air pollution, and the spread of vectors—and provides case studies from communities. Users first select an applicable region and areas of interest, and are then guided through information about the risks posed by climate change to the issues of concern, relevant adaptation strategies, case studies illustrating how other communities have successfully adapted to those risks, and tools to replicate their successes. The tool also provides other resources, including information on funding opportunities and contact information for people who can provide more information about specific projects and resources.

ERIT has a special emphasis on Midwestern communities and on small to mid-sized communities in both rural and urban areas.

Last modified
28 February 2021 - 1:47pm