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Puerto Rico Climate Change Council Website

Individuals, businesses, and municipalities working on climate adaptation in Puerto Rico can find information about climate change and local adaptation projects, as well as contact information for people working on climate change issues in Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Climate Change Council (PRCCC) is a collaborative effort to assess risks and impacts from coastal hazards and climate change and recommend adaptation strategies to government, civil society, and the private sector.

The PRCCC aims to identify the communities and ecosystems most at risk from coastal hazards and climate change using the best available scientific knowledge; identify, assess, and prioritize effective adaptation strategies and policies that can be implemented in Puerto Rico; serve as a clearinghouse for climate information for Puerto Rico; and provide opportunities and space for multi-stakeholder communication on the topic of coastal vulnerability and adaptation.

  • The site's Climate Data Tool can provide a preliminary assessment of coastal resources and infrastructure at risk due to climate change and sea level rise in the islands of Puerto Rico.
  • The Publications section gives access to climate-related reports that are relevant to Puerto Rico.
  • The Working Groups section documents current and past projects.
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25 February 2021 - 3:55pm