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Resilient Strategies Guide for Water Utilities

Utilities identify their climate concerns and describe their assets and priorities, and the interactive site helps them select adaptation strategies and funding sources.

The Resilient Strategies Guide (RSG) assists drinking water, wastewater, and storm water utilities in developing climate adaptation plans that address their priorities. Utilities input key information such as location, system type, planning priorities, and critical assets. Based on the submitted information, the RSG outputs potential adaptation strategies to address the utility’s specific needs. After selecting strategies, users are then prompted to consider potential funding sources to finance the adaptive measures.

At the end of the Guide, users can download a report that summarizes all the steps of the guide into one shareable document. This document also includes links to case studies on CRWU’s Case Study and Information Exchange Map with similar climate threats and adaptation strategies to help users learn about best practices.

Last modified
5 November 2021 - 9:12am