Tools are available to help you manage your climate-related risks and opportunities, and to help guide you in building resilience to extreme events. Browse the list below, or filter by topic and/or tool functionality in the boxes above. To expand your results, click the Clear Filters link.

Screen capture from the SLOSH Model
Storm Drain
Screen capture from the Social Vulnerability Index mapping tool
Screen capture fromStorm Surge Inundation and Hurricane Strike Frequency Map
Screen capture of the Climate Adjustment Tool in the SWMM
Screen capture from the SURGEDAT website
Screenshot from the SCRHCF Toolkit
Screen capture from the Sustainable Facilities Tool website
collage of sustainability, recycling, and science related symbols
Screen capture of the tool
Screen capture from the tool
Screen capture from the cover of the index
Screen capture from the Tree Species Risks web page
screen capture from Treepedia
Woman examining a plant
Climate Change and Adaptation: Mid-Atlantic Forests StoryMap Screenshot
New England and Northern New York Forests StoryMap Screenshot
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments StoryMap Screenshot
Screen capture from the Vermont Tick Tracker
White rocks line the bank of a stream in Washing County, USA.
screen grab from site