Tools are available to help you manage your climate-related risks and opportunities, and to help guide you in building resilience to extreme events. Browse the list below, or filter by topic and/or tool functionality in the boxes above. To expand your results, click the Clear Filters link.

Screen capture from the TRRG website
Screen capture from the tool website
Screen capture from CEI
Screen capture from the Climate Outlooks tool
Screen capture from the U.S. Drought Monitor
Screen capture from the U.S. Drought Portal website
Screen capture from the Electric System Operating Data website
Screenshot from U.S. Energy Mapping System
Screen capture from the U.S. Hazards Outlook
Screen capture from the United States Interagency Elevation Inventory
Screen Capture from the Up With the Waters Tool
Screen capture from the UMRB Drought Indicators Dashboard
Screenshot from UAA video
Screen capture from the Toolkit website
Screenshot from the UTC Assessment Tool
Woman examining a plant
Screenshot of the Changing Climate storymap showing an image of the continental U.S. with a red, green, and yellow gradient overlaid the outline of the nation.
Southeast Alaska Sea Level Rise
Changing Wildfire, Changing Forests Screenshot with burning forest
Climate Change and Adaptation: Mid-Atlantic Forests StoryMap Screenshot
New England and Northern New York Forests StoryMap Screenshot
Climate Change Pressures in the 21st Century StoryMap Screenshot
mountainous landscape with a clear river running through the valley
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments StoryMap Screenshot
Climate Vulnerability Assessment in the Northern Rocky Mountains StoryMap Screenshot
Drought and Moisture Over Time StoryMap Screenshot
Drought Summary Tool StoryMap
Effects of Climate Change on Infrastructure and Recreation in California StoryMap
Forest Disturbances and Drought StoryMap Screenshot
Francis Marion National Forest: Adapting to Climate Change StoryMap Screenshot
Precipitation and Wildfires StoryMap Screenshot
Rangeland Allotment Monitoring System StoryMap Screenshot
Snow Drought StoryMap Screenshot
Stream Temperature and Native Trout StoryMap Screenshot